"How To Use The Strategies Of The World's Top Digital Service Agencies To Close More Clients Than Ever Before"

The Digital Agency Bootcamp
LIVE from Fort Meyers, Florida

Hosted by: Damien Zamora and Damien Elston
Including Special Guests

What is The Digital Agency Bootcamp?

The Digital Agency Bootcamp is an Exclusive On-Site 2-Day Marketing Intensive that helps Digital Agencies Scale Their Business By Giving Them The Exact Strategies Used By Some Of The Top Digital Service Agencies In The World.

Why Should You Listen To Me?


My name is Damien Zamora, and I've been in the local business services industry for more than 29 years. In that time, I've trained thousands of sales professionals.

When I started GoMobile Solutions, I realized that one of the biggest issues Digital Service Agencies struggled with was making sales.

And after working personally with several business owners, I noticed a pattern.

There was one specific thing all of the successful 6, 7 and 8-figure agencies did that put them ahead of everyone else.

And that is what I'd like to share with you when you attend the Bootcamp.

You'll learn the Exact Strategies Used By Some Of The Top Speakers and Sales Professionals In The World - like ethical persuasion tactics, and how to build a strong brand.

And you don't need to be a "speaker" or consider yourself a "salesperson" to use them.

One of the best ways I know to make that training available to you to you is by bringing in some of the foremost experts in sales. People like Damien Elston. Here's a quick introduction I gave him at the last Bootcamp:

Why Can't You Live Without This?

Are you happy with the way things are now in your business?

Do you feel confident about what it takes to go out there and sell your digital services for top dollar?

At the Digital Agency Bootcamp, you'll gain the skills you need to close confidently. But it doesn't stop there.

You might be okay with doing all the selling yourself right now…but what happens in a few years when it's time to scale? If you want to give yourself a chance to grow, you need to be able to set up your own sales system.

We'll show you how to do that - plus how to attract and acquire solid sales talent, how to motivate them and how to pay them.

And if you're an introvert…or you'd rather not make sales calls or speak from stage for any reason, you won't need to and you'll still be able to scale your business.

When Can You Expect Results?

Just ask Edward Teh, who sent us this email a week after leaving the Bootcamp. He says, "I am a very happy camper. 50% of the crowd bought our offer after the presentation."

Or ask Holly Blackwell, who came to a Bootcamp and Mastermind and later closed the equivalent of a 6-figure yearly salary in a small room of 35.

The real question is, how quickly will you take action on what you learn?

What's The Real Value Of The Bootcamp?

First, let's agree that there are things you get at live events that you just don't get from online courses.

  • Networking with peers who've been where you are and are excited to help you with those little tips & tricks that make all the difference…

  • 1:1 face time with industry leaders where you can ask them absolutely anything!

  • Business relationships that get you to the next level with your agency…

  • Content that just isn't shared in online courses because those courses cater to the average Joe - and showing up to an event means you're anything but!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, think about the last 3 or 4 Digital Marketing events you've been invited to. I'm willing to bet they were all priced in the $500 - $5,000 figure range; some even in the 5-figure range ($10,000 or more)!

In comparison, the Digital Agency Bootcamp is FREE. We only ask that you submit a 100% refundable $97 deposit to hold your seat, for logistics purposes. You get to learn some of the hottest strategies from top speakers, network with like-minded peers and get that face to face time with top industry leaders while picking up million-dollar business and sales strategies - all for the price of a flight and a hotel room.

Why would we provide all this at no cost? Because for us, it's all about the community. You can't replace that time together and how it feels to be around others with similar goals.

All of those unexpected conversations, the networks gained and the knowledge shared helps all our students do better, and that makes us look good.

We've also found that being around you is valuable to us because the more we know and understand you as a person and as a business owner, the better we can serve you...and when you scale your agency, we make more money along with you. It's a win-win.

Basically? If you're serious about scaling your Digital Agency in a way that finally frees up your time for the important things in life…you cannot afford to miss the Digital Agency Bootcamp.

Got Any Proof?

I've already shown you what several others like Edward Teh and Holly Blackwell have been able to do after attending the Digital Agency Bootcamp. Here are some other testimonials from a recent Bootcamp:

It was a full service experience that provided training, counseling, camaraderie, food, housing and an action plan for growing your business.
- Joe Velez, New York City.

Great content, helpful information, interactive sessions. They took time to address individual needs. It was personal but still helpful for all.
- Holly Blackwell, Abilene, TX.

I had already attended the last bootcamp and wasn't sure about going again. So glad I did. I got so much out of this event as well. I think maybe more because I had been to one before. Always amazing learning that is ACTIONABLE!
- Brad Dixon, Lakewood, CO

I really couldn't afford to make the trip or spend the time off work. But it seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity to kickstart my action-taking. I'm glad I came because I got the kick in the butt I needed to go back and work on the strategies others shared that are working for them.
- Alvin Curren, Norman, OK

Why did I give the Bootcamp a 10/10? Because you were open, honest, approachable, and you give a darn!
- Dustin Phalin, Appleton, WI

I'm glad I came to network and build relationships with fellow marketers and to have access to all the GoMobile team.
- Bob Kerr, Saskatoon, Canada


Loved the size - really got to connect with people. Good knowledge and a great atmosphere! -Greg Crocker, Germantown TN

I had never been to an event before and was past due. I always come up with excuses. This was the first time I was determined to do it. The value I got from being around and just listening to the GoMobile team members in conversation was worth more than my salary. I will never forget what I learned and will always be grateful. - Jarvis Gatlin, Loganville, GA

All the training was relevant and helpful for creating a successful digital marketing business. I would definitely recommend attending the bootcamp. It will help your commitment level and therefore your success level to increase. - Daniel Tukuafu, Gilmer, TX

If you're looking for inspiration it's a great investment of time and money.
- Matt Downs, Hight Point, NC

I love coming to these and meeting others in the GoMobile family and seeing our dear friends that we've made in the past. Always learning new things and getting excited about implementing them in our business. Thank you, GoMobile community!
- Cristina Castro, Riverside, CA


I came not sure I had earned the "right" to be here. That feeling disappeared after the intros - I always felt included and appreciated. I am usually an "observer" in a group. Thanks for making it not only fun but loaded with actionable advice. Now, I know I can do this. I am competent. And I have a team to make it happen.
- Aleta Batz, Andrews, IN

I attended the bootcamp to get more ideas, yet simplify my business and my objectives were met. I also came to network and I was able to meet some awesome people. It was informative & fun. Everything we asked for was addressed.
- Gregory Sparks, Southfield, MI

The moment I found out about the bootcamp I was determined to attend. Prospecting was my weak point, and with the direct mail tactic, prospecting should be easier when I get home. The venue was amazing, as was the GoMobile team and the quality of training.
- Glenn Simpson, Franklin, NC

I wasn't sure I could make it because of my finances. However, I made it. I just had to be more creative and how, but I managed to get here. I invited 2 friends and we all divided the expenses between ourselves. This was the best decision I could have made. I was determined to get here. I am so happy I got to engage with the whole GoMobile Team. I will continue to attend more Bootcamps and will eventually attend a Mastermind!
- Wilma McFadden, Rockville, MD

Learned a ton and enjoyed the 1:1 with the leaders.
- Rob McMillin, Olive Branch, MS

Everyone was very open, straightforward and genuinely interested in helping people. I now have more confidence in the team and the products/services to offer.
- Jeff Stapleton, Jacksonville Beach, FL

It was very organized, and I met wonderful and inspiring people.
- Gwendolyn Christopher, Columbia, MD

I feel charged up internally & surer of my self-confidence that I will succeed & reach my big goals. Listening & meeting everyone & hearing their stories just proves success is ours to take.
- Steve Weber, Sterling VA

Is There A Guarantee?

Regardless of YOUR reason for coming to the Bootcamp, what I can guarantee is that this event will be a turning point in your life. You get thousands of dollars' worth of value for a small $97 refundable deposit.

So yes, you can attend the Bootcamp, take notes to your heart's content, network your butt off…and still get your $97 back.

Are There Any Bonuses for Attending The Bootcamp?

It's crazy enough that you get all this value for just a $97 deposit, but when you come to the Bootcamp, you'll also receive...

Networking Mixer on the first night of the event - drinks and hors d'oeuvres provided! Get face time with me, Damien Elston and other team members in attendance…plus, take the time to get to know your fellow business owners.

Many people make life-long business connections at Bootcamps - Like Carey McLean & Jen Kelman, who met 7 years ago at a Digital Agency event.

They ended up randomly sitting next to each other and realized they both wanted the same thing. That same day, they joined forces and became the "App Chicks." Within a month, they had a website up and were working together. That business relationship has now lasted 7 years!

Other networking events include:

Coffee, tea and water provided in the morning and throughout the day! Come early, chat with the team and your peers and let us take care of everything else!

A free mouth-watering taco lunch on day 2 of the event! We'll provide you with an amazing meal so you can spend more time networking and getting the most out of your time in Newport Beach!

Is It Easy To Order?

Yes! It literally takes 5 minutes to secure your seat to the Bootcamp. Simply click on the "Register Me Now" button, fill out the short form and pay the 100% refundable $97 deposit so we know you're coming. We’ll take care of the rest.

You'll receive confirmation with details on hotels and travel that you can use for travel arrangements.

YES DAMIEN! I'm ready to focus on ME
And to Get My Business Off The Ground!
Please Reserve My Seat at The Bootcamp.

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Okay, So…Now What?

Right now, you're at a crossroads. You can continue to work on your business the way you've been doing it for years.

I want you to really imagine that for a second. That this time next year, nothing in your life will change.

You'll have the same cash flow.

You'll have the same relationships.

The same "busy" feeling every day.

Most of all, you'll have the same business struggles, and they won't ever go away. You'll always struggle to grow your agency.

I want you to vividly picture what that would look like.

How would you feel?

What would see when you look in the mirror?

What would your friends and family think of you?

I know it may be painful to think about…but it's important to understand there is a cost of doing NOTHING.

I'm not trying to be harsh or make you feel bad. I just know that sometimes the best way to improve your life is to realize you want more.

If you don't decide to take action and make a change then how can you expect things to improve?

On the other hand, you can come to the Bootcamp and get the skills and personal connections you need to massively scale your business.

A year from now, you could be relaxing with your family, looking back at how far you've come and wondering how it was that you managed to get so much accomplished in so little time…

...and how it's possible that the more successful you've become, and the greater your results, the less work you actually do.

So click the button to secure your seat to the Bootcamp and I'll see you in August!

YES DAMIEN! I'm ready to focus on ME
And to Get My Business Off The Ground!
Please Reserve My Seat at The Bootcamp.

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